For many years, Geulah Grossman, M.Sc, was a senior faculty member at Orot Israel College, where she trained guidance counselors and teachers of emotionally disturbed children.

Geulah has a Master’s degree in counseling, is a graduate of Tel Aviv University’s post-M.A. medical psychology program, a certified Couples’ and Family therapist, and a Certified EMDR therapist.

Her popular column Beineinu, which dealt with human relations and mental health, appeared for five years in the newspaper Makor Rishon.
While working for the Individual and Family Therapy unit of the Shomron Regional Council, Geulah treated victims of terrorist attacks and their families.

In the aftermath of their expulsion, she worked with Gush Katif families in a project designed both to document the families’ travails and support their psychological resilience.

Geulah sees a wide variety of clients seeking individual, marital or family therapy, in Ariel, capital of the Shomron. She has extensive experience helping victims of trauma and people with medical and mind-body issues.​

Originally from New York, Geulah and her family made aliya over 30 years ago. She is ideally suited to helping multi-cultural and multi-generational families.

In the JPost section, you can read articles which appeared in the Jerusalem Post, in Geulah’s column Uncommon Sense.