Every choice we make eliminates some other options.

If you decide to marry Inbar, you will no longer be able to court Meital, Naama and others. If you decide to devote your time and money to medical school, you will have to put aside some other dreams.

It’s a good idea to invest thought and time when so much is at stake, but some people can waste years mired in indecision.

* Others do decide – but afterwards torture themselves wondering “What would have happened if…..”, and can’t enjoy the fruits of their decisions.

* There are also people who find it excruciatingly difficult to reach minor decisions, like what to wear to the office, what to eat  for lunch, what email password to choose, etc.

*Another common decision-making problem is the tendency to make impulsive choices based on inadequate information or insufficient respect for a dilemma’s complexity.

* An additional enemy of good decisions is giving too much weight to “What will people say?”

All of the above obstacles CAN be overcome !